Choctaw Bible Translation

At the translation desk

It was August 30.  The task list is long in the translation office.  Reviewing.  Editing.  Taking care of the office. Today the Bible study teacher couldn’t come. More time for tasks they thought. Then a Choctaw speaker walked in for Bible study. And another Choctaw speaker. So the translator, Chris, began to teach.  In Choctaw, his heart language.

Not a trained teacher, Chris felt nervous. Yet he couldn’t deny God’s leading.  The Sunday School teacher remarked, “It’s so much easier to understand in the new translation!”  Chris’ wife Millie said “God was with us, working with Chris and they wanted to come back next week!” And they did.  In Chris’ words, “Nobody lacked any English skill…but we connected so much better studying the Bible in Choctaw.”

Choctaw is the language of most heart-to-heart conversations on Choctaw land.  But not the language of most Scripture teaching. Yet.

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