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Light ~ New Year ~ 2019

Light.  Light is my theme for the year.  Longing for light.  Looking for light. 

Prayer for the year:

That the joy of God’s presence, Light, be my desire, vision, goal.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness.  Only Light can do that.  Hatred cannot drive out hatred.  Only Love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

“When we love, that dawn-light
Would lighten our feet
Upon the waters…
And when we come to search for God,
Let us first be robed in night,
Put on the mind of morning
To feel the rush of light
Spread slowly inside
The color and stillness
Of a found word.” – John O’Donohue

  • Longing for Light motivates my participation with the Choctaw translation project. Ancient Choctaw wisdom knew that the earth’s sun reflected God. God is the Source who created the sun. God is the source of Scripture. God brings His promises’ Light to our hearts. 
  • Light as a 2019 theme found me. One day in December I confessed to a friend my lack of clarity.  Her compassion created a small space of clarity:  “Sometimes we only receive light for the moment even while we are waiting and longing for more.” (Barbara Ashcraft)
  • Her words created an interstice in my lack of clarity.  I had to look interstice up in the dictionary:

in·​ter·​stice | \in-ˈtər-stəs noun

  1. an intervening space, especially a very small one.“sunshine filtered through the interstices of the arching trees”

If you live near Jackson, come see an art exhibit ‘Interstice.  Lydia is a dear friend and supporter.  Come see!

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